Our kittens are born in our home and live under our roof until they get to their new homes. The first few weeks of life are crucial for small kittens and they are always under our watchful eyes in their whelping box.

Health Assurance

We embark to ensure that all our kittens are healthy and strong by having them vet-checked regularly, registered and are housebroken. We also strive to create an environment where customer's satisfaction matters most

Affordable Prices

We strive to beat the big box prices by bringing to you our kittens at the most affordable prices you can find. We endeavor to make our kittens available to all class of individuals and homes. We don't let price come between Pet lovers and kittens.

Fast delivery

We will get your kitten hooked up with a top notch pet courier for delivery. You can receive your kitten same day, next day or in 72 hours depending on your location. Express delivery negotiation is available as well.

Male and Female Sphynx Kittens For Sale

It’s a good thing that the Sphynx loves attention because he draws it wherever he goes. He is demanding of human attention and will do anything for a laugh. “Look at me!” is his catchphrase. That makes him easy to handle by veterinarians or anyone else, and it’s not unusual for a Sphynx to be a therapy cat since he is so fond of meeting people, sound interesting.Luckily available these Sphynx Kittens for sale.When he is not receiving the attentions of his adoring fans, the curious and energetic Sphynx is exploring his surroundings, climbing his cat tree or otherwise seeking high places, chasing a bug or just generally getting into mischief. He is extremely fond of teaser toys and puzzle toys that challenge his athleticism and brains.This is a highly social cat.

If you are gone during the day, the Sphynx will enjoy having a friend in the form of another Sphynx, another cat or even a dog. He likes the company and, equally important, he likes having someone to snuggle with so that he stays warm, cute Sphynx Kittens for sale. He loves to be held, and you can expect him to sleep with you, most likely under the covers. Think of it as having a living hot water bottle.


Sphynx Kittens
sphynx kittens for sale
sphynx kittens for sale

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Sphynx Kittens for Sale

She’s a very sweet girl and has slept with me thru the night. She’s doing very well, eating, playing, etc. being a normal Kitten. She’s getting used to a crate off and on through the day, just to get her adjusted. She’s not been with any other cats, dogs or pets yet as I want to make sure she’s ok and it appears that she’s fine….just to be safe.

Mrs. Kayla Shook  / INDIANA - USA
Sphynx Kittens for Sale

She’s a sweetheart seriously she’s everything I could have ever asked for! She likes coming for car rides and she likes being in my purse! We are best friend’s haha always together. She loves all dogs and cats and people! I can do everything I want! She lets me clean her ears, cut her claws, wash her! She’s perfection! She’s affectionate, hyper, smart, and pretty and the way she sleeps and crosses her paws when she sleeps, so cute. She even sleeps on her back!

Samantha Heyes
Sphynx Kittens for Sale

Hi Sphynx Cat house, just write you to tell you the kitten is awesome, my boyfriend send me a few videos and pics of the kitten and wow, he's gorgeous, healthy, playful and a happy cat! We're so happy with the kitten; my boyfriend is fascinated with him 🙂 We already recommend you with a friend of mine who is a veterinarian in Mexico, I'm sure he'll buy a Sphinx from you and I hope in the near future, we'll buy from you again 🙂 And one more time, thank you so, so much for everything! Take care,Have a great day!

Chris and Jane Camila

Sphynx Kittens for Sale

I could not be more pleased about my experience with Sphynx cat house. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and enthusiastically answered all of the questions I had regarding my 2 boys. I received many photos and videos of my kittens prior to meeting them for the first time. She provided me with a well-organized binder of their records, photos on a USB and a special new kitten package for each one. Both boys are very well socialized, even vacuuming does not send them running for cover! It is obvious they are used to being handled and pre-spoiled! Thank you! We love our boys.

Raymar AbucayLos Lunas, New Mexico



All our kittens are born, raised and live in our house as a part of our family, kenneling cats is against our philosophy of cat ownership.


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